Keurig Coffee Makers Problems & Solutions

Keurig’s internal explanation of the move is baffling its Chief executive officer told employees it didn’t wish to give “the appearance of ‘taking sides,’” making this whole blog publish much simpler to create from the moral perspective. Allow me to be obvious: It should not be questionable to drag ads from the reveal that traffics in conspiracy theories, doubts victims of sexual abuse, and furthers the partisan division within this country.

But additionally: keurig troubleshooting manufactures a hell machine that’s been disavowed by its inventor. It encapsulates the worst facets recently capitalism and really should be boycotted by everybody for reasons which have nothing related to Hannity. Besides making something that is terrible for that atmosphere in the very premise, Keurig seemed to be an innovator in creating unrepairable, proprietary, single-use hardware and getting Digital Legal rights Management and patent law loopholes to coffee makers.

“Sustainability may be the worst part,” Kyle Wiens, the Chief executive officer of iFixit, who pushes electronics companies to create more sustainable devices, explained. “The pods aren’t recyclable or compostable. The unit has more electronics than the usual laptop and isn’t recyclable. And contains screw-you DRM like a cherry on the top.”

Keurig’s K-Cup design patents expired this year, and thus a lot of competitors flooded the marketplace. A number of these competitors made recyclable pods. So, what did Keurig do? It produced the “Keurig 2.0” system that will only use new, proprietary pods.

“Customers who attempted to brew cheaper, off-brand ground coffee were welcomed with a message around the device’s display that nicely declined to create their mug of coffee, instructing these to buy Keurig-brand coffee rather,” Aaron Perzanowski and Jason Schultz write within their book The Finish of Possession. “Thanks to Keurig, conversations about coffee are in possession of to take into account questions of liberty too.”

Let’s all give ourselves the freedom to free ourselves from Keurig along with other single-cup coffee machines and return to making drip coffee. Yes, Keurig has become itself pulled in to the muck that’s the culture wars in 2017. But don’t have any sympathy for this and you can boycott Keurig regardless of your politics.